UNIT UT-L27 1000V 10A Multimeter Test Extension Lead Male Thread Probe, обновен от UT-L23


UNIT UT-L27 1000V 10A Multimeter Test Extension Lead Male Thread Probe, обновен от UT-L23


SKU: g810

Етикети: тест сонда, за mastech, мултицет тънки тестови кабели, предварително загряване, цифров мултицет, препратки сонди мултицет, тестер логически сонди, мултицет ut, ток на затваряне, adms7.

18.53лв. 11.30лв.

Наличност: В наличност

Описание на продукта:

Сондата външна нарязване на ръководството на промоцията на тест Вольтамперомметра UNIT UT-L27 1000V 10A, обновен от UT-L23


1. ръководство по изпитване на двойна изолация ул 18АВГ с

2. подвижна капачка с винтовым връхчета за да се свържете с зажимам-аллигаторам

3. Дължина на кабела 900мм, сонда и дължина 130мм на тялото

4.CAT III 1000V / CAT IV 600V 10A

5.за серия UT71 и UT800


  • Номер На Модела: UT-L27
  • Тип Изход: Пробен Сонда
  • Аксесоари за diy: ЕЛЕКТРИЧЕСКИ
  • търговска марка: UNIT

4 Отзиви UNIT UT-L27 1000V 10A Multimeter Test Extension Lead Male Thread Probe, обновен от UT-L23

  1. Cabayo Jose – 2020-10-19

    Ordered 20.06, received 07.07.2020 (18 days, quickly) in the new mail department of Kiev. Took for $7.41, now they are $7.99. The probes in P/E sealed blister arrived packed in a postal yellow package with a "pupyrka" inside. Very high quality made, good casting from good plastic! Wires if not silicone, then from good elastomer plastic, the inscription on them is VW-1 80 ° C 18awg. The product in the store is offered officially, with the inscription UNIT-T, on the probes itself it is, but there is no company name-"birds". Marking UNIT-T is indicated on the package. I recommend to buy, Pike from the category "mast HEV"!

    5 / 5

  2. Hungredcat91 – 2021-01-08

    Good wires, slightly harsh. Resistance at the level of the highest quality Pike. Shipping and delivery fast.

    5 / 5

  3. Jauhalbar Roh – 2021-01-22

    Description and photos of the goods can lead a misconception. On the main photo of this product, the ends for connecting to a multimeter or current mites are straight, on the last photo they are angular. So in reality they are angular! I when ordering, I assumed that they would be straight, because. For the current mites I ordered, straight are more convenient. But unfortunately, my assumptions were not justified. For this and minus 1 star for the accuracy of the description of the goods. In my opinion the seller should understand, that orders are carried out remotely and the buyer should not guess and assume about the purchased goods. Everything must be very clear and accurate. Delivery 2 weeks from the day of the order, to the point of issue of the stain and I want to notice it significantly faster, than the declared delivery plus.

    4 / 5

  4. Sergey Yankovskiy 60 – 2021-01-14

    Top for your money

    5 / 5

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